Foothill CU Financial Literacy Curriculum Resources for Educators

Foothill CU Financial Literacy Curriculum Resources for Educators

Think about all the most valuable things you learned in school: geography, math, perhaps a foreign language. Would you say you left school with money skills? The reality is, far too few college students or high school students graduate and enter adult life knowing much about financial responsibility and personal finance management.

Foothill Credit Union is proud to offer educators some tools to help them develop money smarts for young folks. These money management resources will help your students learn how to make smart financial decisions. Money 101 Seminar, Credit 101, Bite of Reality, and EverFi Financial Literacy are all free financial literacy curriculum resources available to teachers courtesy of Foothill Credit Union.

Chances are if you ask most students what they want to know about, how to buy the things they really want or need will be near the top of the list! Moreover, if you want to make an unforgettable difference in the lives of your students, teaching them practical life skills will have a lasting impact for years to come.

We’ll tell you a bit more about each financial literacy curriculum resource, how they can enhance your lesson plans, and how they can help your students develop and reach their financial goals.


This is a fun learning module that helps young minds understand the basics. Everything from the difference between a credit union and bank, savings vs. checking accounts, debit and credit cards, setting financial goals, and account management.


A financial education program that helps young adults learn about credit: what it means and how it works, and why a credit score is important. Not only will they learn about responsibly establishing and building credit, but they will also learn about protecting their personal information to protect their credit.


High school juniors, seniors, and first-year college students will use a simulated app to practice responsible family budgeting. As part of the exercise, they’ll have a persona that comes with a job, family, salary, and expenses to help them plan accordingly.


This program features digital tools sponsored by Foothill, designed for high school students. It uses interactive lessons to break down complex concepts so that students can make informed personal financial choices. At the end, not only do students receive a Financial Literacy Diploma, but Foothill will sponsor a pizza, donut, or ice cream party for your class!


Foothill Credit Union offers more than free financial literacy curriculum resources to help you optimize your teaching. We believe that teachers are important, whether it’s preschool, middle school, or higher education. That’s why we have a variety of resources available to educators.

Summertime Savings

This savings account lets you set aside money throughout the school year to see you through the (often leaner) summer months at an enhanced dividends rate.

Educator Plus Savings

Once your summertime savings reach maturity, roll them over to your Educator Plus Savings account at an enhanced savings rate.

Discounted Auto, RV, Motorcycle, and Watercraft Loans

Enjoy rate discounts on cars and recreational vehicles, as well as up to 100% financing on auto purchases.

Summer Skips

Skip up to two monthly payments in a summer, fee-free!

Direct Deposit

Electronically deposit your paycheck into your Foothill account. One less thing to worry about!

Career Supply and Technology Loans

Educators often have big dreams for ways to bring the material to life for their students or to help make content more dynamic and engaging. However, classroom budgets and teachers’ salaries can make it tricky.

We offer supply and technology loans to help you purchase what you need to streamline and enhance your instruction and classroom management.

Career Advancement Scholarships and Loans

In addition to awarding up to $3,000 in scholarships to educators who want to advance in the teaching profession, we also offer loans up to $15,000 to teachers who want to pay for professional development education.


Whether it’s helping you help your students cultivate the financial know-how they need to succeed in the real world or helping you succeed, we’re proud to lend a hand to teachers.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our free financial literacy curriculum resources, or any of our other products and services, we invite you to learn more about what Foothill Credit Union can do for you.

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