Round It Up

An easy way to make everyday debit card purchases part of your savings plan.

Save Automatically with Round It Up

Our Round It Up feature operates similarly to an automated savings account. Whenever you make everyday transactions with your debit card, the amounts are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the spare change is then moved into your designated Foothill savings account.

How to Enroll Online

How It Works:

1. Enroll via Digital Banking or By Calling Us at 626-445-0950

2. Use Your Foothill Debit Card Whenever You Make a Purchase

3. Each Transaction is Rounded Up To The Nearest Dollar

4. The Rounded-up Amount is Deposited to your Savings Account the Next Day

Quick example:

If you bought an iced coffee with your debit card for $4.25, it would be rounded up to the nearest dollar which in this instance would be $5.00. The remaining $0.75 (difference from $4.25 to $5.00) would then be deposited into your savings account the next day, along with other Round It Up transactions.

Only Point-of-Sale and Signature debit card transactions qualify for Round It Up program. One transfer will post next-day for the aggregate total of round-up transactions completed the previous day. Transfers will not post if they will take the account negative or cause an NSF (Non-Sufficient-Funds). Ask us for details.

To un-enroll, contact the credit union at 626-445-0950.

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