Our Fresh New Look is Here!

New Look, But Still the Same Credit Union You Love

We are pleased to announce that this month we will be revealing our brand new identity. This transformation represents a significant milestone for your credit union as we continue to evolve and grow to better serve our valued members like you.



Our Logo Evolution

Over time, our logo has evolved like a good story, showing where we started and where we're headed. It's grown with us, reflecting our journey and all the exciting changes along the way!

Our New Brand and Promise

We've embarked on an exciting journey of rebranding that truly captures what we're all about: supporting the core of our communities - education, healthcare, and municipalities. These pillars form the foundation of every thriving community, and we're deeply honored to offer unwavering support to each one.

Our new brand will reflect our deep commitment to empowering these essential sectors, recognizing the vital role they play in our everyday lives. With this fresh approach, we promise to provide even better support and innovative solutions, helping our members thrive and make a real difference. This isn't just a new look; it's a promise to stand by our members and communities, nurturing their growth, resilience, and success every step of the way.

Our New Colors

We aimed for the brand to reflect the vibrant culture at Foothill, characterized by qualities such as fun, hardworking, respectful, results-driven, and supportive. These colors were selected to infuse the brand with a lively and dynamic essence, capturing the spirit of vitality that defines us.

In the coming weeks, you will start to see our new logo and colors featured across all of our collaterals, beginning on March 11-15th with our website, digital banking platform, forms, branch signage, and many more.

Take a sneak peek of our rebranded website.

Q: Will the brand change Foothill's identity?

A: The rebranding won't alter the essence of Foothill; rather, it enhances our identity and integrates the CORE pillars of our community that we serve: education, healthcare, and municipalities. 


Q: Why are we rebranding if our name is staying the same?

A: While our name remains unchanged, the rebranding ensures that our organization's distinctiveness and reputation are upheld. This modernization presents an opportunity for Foothill to maintain a relevant presence within the community and attract new members effectively.


Q. How long will the rebrand process take?

A. The reveal will happen on March 1, 2024, but the process of rebrand will continue throughout the year. Initially we will be rebranding all of our touchpoints starting with our website, digital banking, branch signage, and more. A schedule in place to ensure our new look is reflected throughout our channels and collaterals.


Q. Can I still use my Foothill credit and debit cards? 

A. Your Foothill credit and debit cards will not be affected by the rebrand. You may continue to use your Foothill cards as you normally do. Once we have the rebranded cards available, we will let our members know.


Q. Can I still use my Foothill checks?

A. Your Foothill checks that have the old logo will not be affected by the rebrand. You may continue to use your checks as you normally do. Once we have the rebranded checks available, we will let our members know.