Who We Are

Not all financial institutions are the same. Here's what separates us.

Serving Education, Healthcare, Municipal Government and businesses in the San Gabriel Valley since 1958

For generations, we've been meeting the financial needs of local families and businesses with loans, savings accounts and everything else needed to help them achieve their dreams.

Here to serve. Here to help.

As a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution, we work in the best interests of the people at the schools, hospitals, and businesses we love to serve. We are invested in our communities and work hard to provide all the products and services you expect. And we do it all with friendly service delivered by people who are your neighbors.


Foothill CU exists to improve members' financial health by providing an exceptional member experience and excellent financial products and services.


To build lifelong member financial health through exceptional member relationships and community service.

Board of Directors

  • Scott Petterson, Chair
  • Scott McCulley, Vice Chair
  • David Jaynes, Treasurer
  • Tamara Murphy, Secretary
  • Marc Chaldu, Director
  • Rafael Soriano, Director
  • Kevin Hryciw, Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Ryan Chiechi, Chair
  • Rafael Soriano, Board Liason
  • Brandon Craig
  • Ramiro Rubalcaba
  • Alice Atkins

Executive Team

  • Michael P. Terzian, President/CEO
  • Chris Andersson, Chief Experience Officer
  • Jacqueline So, Chief Financial Officer
  • Linnie Gooch, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jonah LaFollette, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Silvia Miramontes, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • William Bennett, Chief Lending Officer

Membership is available to individuals that work within our field of membership. Foothill Credit Union serves over 280 Select Employer Groups in the San Gabriel Valley. If eligible, you can become a member by depositing a minimum of $5 in a Foothill Savings account, which represents one share of ownership.

You are eligible to join Foothill Credit Union if you are:
  1. Employed by an approved Select Employer Group.
  2. An immediate family member of someone employed by an approved Select Employer Group (SEG). Immediate family members consist of your spouse, children, (including adopted and foster children), parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents and grandchildren.
If you still have questions on how to join the Credit Union, call us at (626) 445-0950.

Your deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) which is managed by the National Credit Union Administration, an independent agency of the United States Government. Your deposits are insured up to $250,000 per individual account and up to $250,000 for Individual Retirement Accounts. Note that not one penny of insured savings has ever been lost by a member of a federally insured Credit Union.

Please visit NCUA’s website at for more resources.

For more information about the "Safety and Soundness of Credit Unions" you can download the fact sheet.

The differences are significant. At Foothill Credit Union, we value YOU. Here's how you'll be treated better when you join us.

Credit Unions Banks
Credit Unions have members, not customers. Everyone with an account has a share of ownership in the Credit Union. Therefore, you are actually an owner of your Credit Union and not just another account number. Banks have owners, usually a group of investors. Banks exist to make a profit for their owners.
Credit Unions are democracies. They are run by a volunteer board of directors elected from the membership. Every member has a vote in how their Credit Union is operated. Banks are run by their investors, who have the sole voice in how things are done.
Credit Unions are not-for-profit organizations. After expenses are paid and reserves set aside, all money surpluses are returned to the members in the form of higher dividends and lower loan interest rates. At banks, only investors see a share of the profits.
Credit Unions serve only certain groups of members, like those working for a particular employer or living in the same neighborhood. This specialization allows Credit Unions to focus on the needs of a certain special group of people. Anyone may open an account at any bank. Customers sometimes become lost in the shuffle or "just another number."


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Hear What Our Members Are Saying

"I have been a member for 20 years or so and I have nothing but positive things to say about you guys. We have used summer skip for a car loan, house loan, Summer Savings program and I am very happy with Foothill Credit Union."

- Thomas R.

Rainy Day Savings

A savings account that has your back. Build up your reserves and earn extra money to help with you finances down the road.

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Foothill Credit Union is a full-service credit union with California branches in Arcadia, Covina and Glendora.