Educator Employee Benefits

Foothill membership has its perks, especially if you are an educational employee.

Educators deserve our A-plus effort

If your school district or educational institution is one of our Select Employer Groups, you may qualify for a long list of financial benefits. These include savings programs, discounted loans, and funding for classroom materials and activities


New Incentive

$700 Off Your Closing Costs

Refinance or purchase your home with Foothill and we will take $700 off your closing costs. 

Our experienced real estate team is ready to clearly explain all the options Foothill has and work with you every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Contact our Loan Officer, Vahan Malakyan, today or apply online.

Phone: 626-574-6236 | Email: [email protected]


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Incentive will go towards processing fees. Must be currently employed with one of our partnered hospitals. Limited time offer; may end at any time. FHA/VA loans are excluded. Property must be located in California. Incentives cannot be used as down payment or combined with any other discount. Offer not available on home equity loans or lines of credit. Requires Foothill membership and savings account with a $5 minimum balance. Must meet qualifying criteria to open membership.

Summertime Savings

For many people, an education career is a lifetime commitment. But it often provides a paycheck only 9 or 10 months out of each year. With this special savings program, you set aside cash during the academic calendar and then have access to it during the summer.

  • Funds are deposited automatically through Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit
  • Enhance dividend rates - currently 6.00% APY* (Rate subject to change.)
  • Minimum monthly deposit is $50. Maximum monthly deposit is $2,000
  • All funds will be automatically transferred into your designated Foothill Credit Union account on June 1, July 1, or August 1

* APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Rate may change without notice. The minimum deposit amount each month is $50 and the minimum account balance required to earn the advertised annual percentage yield is $50. There is a $2,000 per month maximum deposit limit into the account. Contact the Credit Union for complete details. Please note: Members with a Christmas Club and a Summertime Savings are allowed a combined maximum deposit of $2,000 per month into both accounts. Fees could reduce earnings. See the Credit Union for clarification.

Bring your classroom to life by unleashing your creativity and engaging students with innovative classroom ideas. A Foothill Classroom Improvement Grant can help turn those ideas into a reality!

Click here to learn more and apply.

When educators sign up for Summertime Savings, they set aside money during the academic year to see them through the paycheck-challenged summer months. Our Educator Plus account is the ideal landing spot for your money after your Summertime Savings accounts reach maturity.

  • Educator Plus Accounts currently earn an enhanced savings rate. See current rate
  • One free withdrawal permitted within the first 30 days of rolling over cash from Summertime Savings to Educator Plus Savings.*

*Funds withdrawn after 30 days will incur a $5 fee. Transfers only from Summertime Savings.

Good teachers are always coming up with fresh ways to inspire their students. But there's often no extra money in classroom budgets to bring these great ideas to life. At Foothill Credit Union, we offer low-cost (or no-cost) loans that can cover the costs of special programs, supplies or educational materials.

  • Borrow up to $1,000
  • Current rate of 0%* - 2.90% APR (Rates subject to change)
  • 12-month repayment period

* 0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) requires a direct deposit of $500 or more into a Foothill Checking Account and automatic payments. If direct deposit and autopay requirements are not met, the rate will be 2.90%. Sample monthly payment for a $1,000 loan at 2.90% for 12 months is $85.

Foothill Credit Union awards annual scholarships of up to $3,000 to members looking to advance their educational careers. The scholarships are awarded annually.

  • Career Advancement Scholarship applications are accepted from August through October.
  • Any Foothill member who is pursuing or advancing a career in the educational field may apply.
  • If you are not a member, you may open an account and become eligible to apply. Must be a member for at least three months to receive funds.
  • Foothill employees, Board and Committee members and their families are not eligible for Medical Career Advancement Scholarships.

Not long ago, blackboards, pencils and notebooks were good enough. But in the 21st century, personal computers and laptops are necessary teaching tools. At Foothill Credit Union, we offer low-interest loans that help educators acquire the latest technology.

  • Loan rate of 5.90% APR - 10.90% APR* (Rates subject to change)
  • 36-month repayment period
  • Maximum loan of $5,000
  • Qualifying products include computers/laptops, printers, tablets/iPads, cameras, and document cameras

*APR - Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to change. Requires proof of purchase (receipt) or purchase order (invoice) at the time of funding. All proceeds will be paid directly to the member. Sample monthly payment for a $5,000 loan at 5.90% for 36 months is $152.

Improving your skillset and furthering your education is a great way to advance your career and give your resume a serious boost. Our Career Advancement Loan can help you with the funds to do just that.

  • Loan rate of 3.25% APR - 8.25% APR* (Rates subject to change)
  • 60-month repayment period
  • Maximum loan of $15,000
  • Loan designed for members that work in a school or hospital

*APR - Annual Percentage Rate. Rates subject to change. Requires proof of enrollment in approved program at funding. Must work for any school or hospital. Limit of one Career Advancement loan per member. All proceeds will be paid directly to the member. Sample monthly payment for a $15,000 loan at 3.25% for 60 months is $271.

The main purpose of school is to prepare young people for the real world. At Foothill Credit Union, we're happy to contribute to that worthy effort by offering educators access to student-oriented financial seminars and enrichment activities.

  • Money 101: The foundation for smart money management is established at an early age. Our Money 101 seminar will introduce simple saving, banking and other basic financial concepts that your teen can easily grasp and understand. Plus, they'll have fun learning.
  • Credit101 Seminar: Young people walk away with the understanding of the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit.
  • Bite of Reality®: This hands–on financial literacy simulation that gives high-school students a taste of real-world financial challenges in a fun, interactive setting. Students receive a fictional occupation, family, and salary and must navigate through life's expenses using a budget.
  • EverFi Financial Literacy Program: Enhance your lesson plan with digital tools sponsored by Foothill, designed for high school students.
  • College Bound Scholarship: We annually award three, $3,000 scholarships to graduating high school students or current college freshmen.

We also offers special Classroom Improvement Grants and Career Advancement Scholarships in support of our area teachers.

Bring Financial Literacy Lessons Into Your Classrooms

The lesson plans brought to you by It's a Money Thing®, include learning objectives, instructions for teaching the lesson, group activities, and quizzes with answer sheets to bring financial literacy into your classroom.

Making Money
Saving Money Borrowing Money
Giving Money Growing Money

NOTE: To access supporting collaterals for each of the lesson plans (videos, handouts etc), go here.


Take advantage of Summer Skip

School employees can skip up to 2 monthly payments in the summer months. 

  • Foothill Auto Loans or Signature Personal Loans are eligible
  • Skip two monthly payments in any one summer
  • No fee for skipping payments
Give us a call to take avantage.

Direct Deposit

We work directly with your HR department to set up your direct deposit.

  • Have your entire paycheck sent to your account
  • Have a payroll deduction of a certain amount (no minimum)
  • Can update your payroll at anytime
  • Routing number: 322273489

Hear What Our Members Are Saying

"I would like to say thank you for being a wonderful bank. The people are always helpful, caring, treat us like family. I have been with you for 29 wonderful years! I am so glad a co-worker shared her experience with me back when I first started working here at Duarte High 29 years ago. Keep up the great work!"

- Raquel M.

Auto Loans

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