Share Certificates

When it comes to savings, a lot of people are looking for a sure thing. Our Share Certificates certainly fit that description.

It takes a little time to watch your money grow

Save for six months. Save for five years. Or pick some time period in between. With our high-yield Share Certificates, you're certain to come away with a good deal more money than when you started.


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A savings strategy that gives you total control

They're your plans. Your goals. Your dreams. You have a good idea how much money you're going to need moving forward. With Foothill Credit Union Share Certificates, you can design your own savings schedule. And you can lock in higher dividend rates that leave you with more to work with whenever it's time to get things done.

  • Minimum deposit of $2,000
  • Choose savings periods ranging from six months to five years
  • Earn a higher rate of return than you would with a traditional savings account
  • Special online certificate available with an exclusive rate
  • In general, longer CD terms pay higher rates
  • Track earnings through Online and Mobile Banking
  • Early withdrawal may result in interest penalties, but your initial deposit is never at risk
  • All Share Certificate accounts are federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration
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Youth Saver Certificate

  • Available for young people up to age 24
  • Start certificate with as little as $25
  • Make additional deposits of at least $25 each time
  • One penalty-free early withdrawal allowed
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Hospital Certificate

  • Available to members who work for one of our Hospital Select Employer Groups (SEGs)
  • 12-month Share Certificate at enhanced dividend rate
  • After 12 months, member can renew, roll-over, or cash-out
  • Lower minimum deposit of $500
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