Benefits of Online Banking for Busy Professionals

Benefits of Online Banking for Busy Professionals

Busy people know that time is money. Online and mobile banking offer numerous ways to save you both, providing security and exceptional convenience.

When you’re making deals, taking meetings, and dealing with all the responsibilities of your professional life, the last thing you need is the added stress of worrying about your personal finances. Foothill Credit Union offers mobile and online banking to help our members focus on what’s really important.

If you haven’t yet automated your banking, include online and mobile banking in your suite of tools to level up your efficiency and productivity, both in the office and at home.

Beyond Brick and Mortar Banks

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like meeting face-to-face and speaking to a real person, especially when it’s something as complicated as your finances. This is the edge that credit unions have over traditional banks since as member-owned nonprofits based in the community where our members live and work, they are able to offer a personal (instead of an internet) connection.

Other times, you need quick access to your financial institution. Whether to access your account, check your credit card or account balance, or pay bills, sometimes you need information, and you need it right away.

Here are some of the top benefits of online banking that can help you streamline your finances and organize your personal life.


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit ensures you're paid fast. Arrange with your employer to have your paycheck sent electronically right to your checking account (or any bank account of your choosing).


Transfer Funds

Transferring funds instead of writing a check or getting cash out of an ATM saves time. Don’t make your friends wait for you to pay them back. Hardly anyone carries checks or cash, why should you?


Instant Bill Pay

When you use online bill pay, you can pay your loan or credit card balance quickly and easily. Not only that, but you can schedule payments so you never have to worry about a late payment again!



Save paper and increase convenience by getting your bank and credit card statements sent directly to your email inbox, often earlier than a traditional paper statement would arrive in the mail. Should you need a hard copy for any reason, you can always download and print them!


Mobile Apps

Carry your bank in your pocket with a mobile app, which lets you access your accounts anywhere, any time!


Notification Alerts

Nobody likes nasty surprises when they check their bank account, forgetting to make a payment, or wondering whether a payment has gone through.

With notification alerts, you can set alerts so that you know when your bank balance has reached a certain threshold, track your spending, set a budget, and see when your payments have cleared. Take the mystery out of banking.


Card Controls

We know you are busy so we have made controlling your cards easy and at your fingertips. Access the Card Control widget in the mobile app or on online banking. You can Increase your atm/POS limits, setup travel notifications, report a lost or stolen card and request a new card . As well as freeze and unfreeze your cards if you think you have misplaced it.


Apply for Loans

With online banking, you don’t have to stop by your local bank branch to fill out an application in person. Instead, you can fill out an online application with ease and convenience.


Open Accounts

Online banking puts financial decision-making in your hands, literally at your fingertips. You can open an account online, saving you time.


A Secure Way to Bank

These days, you can’t be too careful with your personal information and finances. Whether it’s your checking account or savings account, you want to keep your hard-earned money safe.

We never store or share your payment information with other merchants, and we also provide you with security alerts about different common fraud concerns that are causing issues, as well as education on how to identify and avoid them.

What’s more, Foothill Credit Union uses state-of-the-art network security to protect your sensitive account information.

Benefits of Online Banking with Foothill Credit Union

Few things are more irritating than putting your productivity on hold to deal with a pesky financial issue. Foothill’s online and mobile banking products are specifically designed with busy people in mind. Sign up for online and mobile banking so you can focus on the task at hand, knowing you’re in control and your information and your finances are secure.

Members enjoy convenient benefits, like unlimited transfers from your Foothill checking account. Not a member? Not a problem! Become one today with a small $5 deposit and no membership fee.

Then, you’re ready to get started, taking advantage of the quick and easy services that come with online banking.

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