Schedule of Fees

We keep our fees as low as possible to help you get more done.

What will it cost?

In many instances, we eliminate fees for our services. But sometimes we need to charge a fee to cover our costs. Here are those instances.

Service Fees & Charges (Effective as of 04-01-2020)  
Account Research/Reconciliation, per hour $20.00
Cashier’s Check, (payable to member) per check FREE
Cashier's Checks Issued to Third Party, per item $2.50
Collection Item, per item (plus exchange fees at cost apply, if any) $30.00
Dormant Account (no activity for 1 year, does not apply to Youth Accounts) Monthly Service Fee $2.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee, per check $3.00
Non-Sufficient Funds, per item (check or automated) $28.00
Notary Fee, per signature $10.00
Overdrawn at ATM $28.00
Processing Legal Documents, per item (e.g. tax levies, judgments, subpoenas) $25.00
Returned Item or Deposit Adjustment (ATM) $15.00
Skip-a-Payment ($15 fee if completed via online banking) $25.00
Statement Copy/Check copy (Up to 4 copies per month free. If over 4, account research fee applies.) FREE
Stop payment, per item or range $15.00
Non-FFCU and non-COOP ATM Withdrawal and Inquiry per transaction $1.00
Wire Transfer, per wire (outgoing domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfer, per wire (incoming) $5.00
Wire Transfer, per wire (outgoing Foreign). On exception basis only; no recurring transfers allowed. $40.00


Regular Share Savings  
Membership Entrance Fee FREE


Checking Account  
Protection Plus Checking, monthly service charge $4.95
Rewards Checking, monthly service charge $3.00**
Simply Free Checking, monthly service charge FREE
Business Checking, monthly service charge $10.00
Rebound Checking, below minimum balance monthly $10.00
Payment of Non-Sufficient Funds item (Courtesy Pay), per item (check or automated) $28.00
Check Printing At cost
Copy of Check Card Sales Draft Not in Dispute, per draft $5.00
Charge-back Processing, per debit (merchant dispute-one free/yr) $25.00
Special Rush Order for Debit Check Card $20.00
Starter Checks Free up to 8; $1.00 per sheet thereafter
Stop Payment, per check or range stop $15.00


Credit Card Accounts  
Charge-back Processing, per charge (merchant disputes-one free/yr) $25.00
Copy of Credit Card Sales Draft, per item (not in dispute) $5.00
Credit Card Statement Copy (per statement) $4.00
Late Payment Fee (7 days past due) $25.00
Non-Sufficient Fund Credit Card Check (per check) $28.00
Returned Check (credit card payment) $15.00
Stop Payment on Credit card Checks, per check or range $15.00
Special Rush Order, per card $20.00
Statement copy/check copy (up to 4 copies per month free; if over 4, account research fees applies) $0.00


Shared Branching Fees for Guest Members  
Cashiers check withdrawals, per check $5.00
Fax Request, first page $3.00 (each additional page, $1.00 each)
Photocopies, per sheet (if available) $0.50
Check Deposit FREE
Returned Check (credit card payment). 16 or more checks per deposit, $0.20 per check. $15.00
Rolled Coin Purchase, per roll (if available) $0.25 each
Research of items Contact your Credit Union
MasterCard cash advances May include card issuer fee
Coin Machine 10% of total
Traveler's Check Not Available
Indemnification Agreement Not Available
Signature Guarantee Not Available
Notary Not Available
Medallion Signature Not Available


Daily Cash Limits
There is a cash withdrawal limit of $1,000 per day. We will not exceed these limits.
There is a cash deposit limit of $10,000 per day. We will not exceed these limits.


Availability of Funds
Funds deposited to your account may not be immediately available based on your Credit Union’s hold policies. Please contact our Credit Union regarding its hold policies on your account.


Acceptance of Items for Deposit
This CO-OP Shared Branch reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item presented for deposit or payment.


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For informational purposes only. Please see a Foothill representative for the most recent fee schedule.

** Rewards Checking monthly fee can be waived or discounted. Sign-up for FREE e-Statements and we'll waive $1.00. Use your Foothill debit card at least 10 times a month and we'll waive $1.00. Have at least one electronic debit or credit to the account each month and we'll waive $1.00.

Additional fees assessed by the paying institution, may also apply. Fees are subject to daily rate changes. Automated means electronic transactions via ACH, ATM, or Debit

Fees may differ for services provided if a member uses a location in another region