FAQs for Contactless Cards

Find the answers to your questions regarding Contactless Cards

New Contactless Cards

Foothill issues contactless debit and credit cards for better security and a faster checkout experience when tapped at contactless enabled merchant terminal.

Anytime a debit or credit card is mailed it will have contactless capability. If you have a card expiring soon a new contactless card will be mailed the month prior to the expiration date. Foothill is currently working to get contactless cards available in our branches.

Look for the contactless indicator contactless-logo.gif on the front of the card to determine if it’s capable of contactless payments. If you don’t see the symbol, you can continue to use the card as you do today.

Anytime a card is mailed it will have contactless capability. Foothill is currently working to get contactless cards available in our branches.

Yes, if you have a contactless card you will receive one every time a new card is mailed.

Contactless Card Security

Yes, the security level of a contactless payment is the same as contact chip cards.

Along with the card number, a one-time security code is sent from the card to the payment terminal to identify that transaction. Since the card does not send your name, the 3-digit code on the back of the card or your billing address using the contactless interface, the thief won’t have the information needed to conduct payment transactions, either in person, on the phone or online. You do not need a protective sleeve or NFC-blocking wallet.

No. Contactless and contact chip cards provide an additional layer of security when used at contactless-enabled and chip-enabled terminals. And, as always, fraudulent transactions using Foothill’s debit and credit cards are covered by our $0 Liability Guarantee as long as you notify us promptly.

Contactless and contact chip technology provides an additional layer of security when used at contactless-enabled and chip-enabled terminals. The technology may help reduce certain types of fraud that can result from third-party or merchant compromise, but it will not prevent a compromise. Chip cards are dynamic information for each transaction that is verified by the card issuer making it difficult to capture the members card information to create fraudulent cards.

How Do Contactless Transaction Work?

Contactless cards use near field communication (NFC) to securely complete payments at a contactless-enabled terminal.

You can look for the contactless symbol contactless-logo.gif on merchant terminals to determine if they are capable of accepting contactless payments. You can make a contactless payment with your contactless card wherever you see the symbol.


The card should be within 1-2 inches of the contactless symbol on the terminal until the transaction is completed, usually within a few seconds.

Contactless-enabled merchant terminals read the card best when the card is placed flat over the contactless symbol. Tapping the edge or corner to the terminal may not work.

No, you can still use your contactless card by inserting it or by swiping it if contactless and chip options are not available on the terminal.

Yes, you can use your contactless debit and credit cards at millions of locations, including around the world.

You will be required to enter a PIN to complete ATM transactions, some debit card purchases, and on rare occasions you may need to enter a PIN to complete the credit purchase.

No, not currently. This will be a future enhancement to our branch ATMs.

Why Should I Use Contactless Cards

  • It’s easy – transactions are smoother than ever with fewer surfaces to touch.
  • It’s fast – your card is read in seconds, so there is less waiting time for the transaction to be completed.
  • It’s secure – you get the same security as chip cards because each contactless transaction uses a one-time security code to protect your card information.

Contactless cards use the same Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as most digital wallets so if you are used to holding your phone near the contactless symbol to pay, it’s a similar experience.

No, the contactless card feature only applies to card present transactions at contactless-enabled merchant terminals.

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