Classroom Improvement Grant

We make money available to teachers who come up with creative ways to enrich their students' lives.

For educators who go above and beyond

Bring your classroom to life! It’s an important time for students to be engaged in the classroom, and educators like you have fun and innovative ideas. A Foothill Classroom Imrovement Grant can help turn those ideas into a reality! Whether you are looking for new equipment for your classroom or finding ways to enhance your teaching environment, we’re here to help.

Be Awarded up to $500

Use it for Financial Literacy Programs

Membership Required To Apply

What to Know About the Grant

  • Grants are awarded in amounts up to $500
  • Grants are available to any certificated teacher, learning specialist, or librarian
  • Grants can be used for equipment, educational software, or materials
  • No other person or entity has claim to the money or goods purchased. If the recipient leaves the school, any capital goods remain at the school property
  • Recipients agree that their name/picture may be used for promotional purposes to enhance awareness of Foothill’s Classroom Improvement Grant
  • One application per person
  • Applicant must work for one of Foothill’s core school district partners
  • You must be a member of Foothill Credit Union to apply. Not a member yet? Join online today.


Please check back next year, September 2023, to submit your Classroom Improvement Grant application.

2022 Grant Recipients:

Alejandra R
Anddie C
Andrea K
Ann S
Ashton B
Brielle P
Cheryl L
Christina V
Christine R
Claudia A
David H
Elena L
Elizabeth O
Erika A
Grace C
Ing M
Janene F
Janet H
Jennie N
Jennifer G
Jennifer M
Jennifer M
Jennifer M
Jimmy Y
Johna S
Katharine G

Kerri S
Kyle B
Kyle B
Laura F
Laura P
Linda W
Lisa K
Lisa L
Liza C
Lynda L
Mai D
Mariela A
Marti D
Patty G
Rania I
Reginald R
Richard H
Sara G
Sheena I
Susie D
Taylor H
Timothy W
Valerie M
Vanessa M
Vivian C


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- Raquel M.

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