Money Coach

Money Coach Lea can help you build healthy financial habits. Give her a try.

Improve your credit and achieve your goals with free, financial coaching.

Available 24/7 on your Smartphone or Computer

Through text-based conversation, you'll receive friendly step-by-step guidance to establish financial goals and get advice on actions you can take to reach them. Coach Lea can help you...

  • Build Healthy Habits
  • Pay Bills on Time
  • Use Credit Wisely
  • Improve Your Credit Score

Need to cut the conversation short? No worries. You can stop engaging with our Money Coach Lea at any time and pick up where you left off later.

Chat with Lea

How Does Coach Lea Work?

  • Available 24/7 for 1-on-1 assistance.
  • A self-service, entirely digital experience.
  • A chat-based exchange providing empathetic coaching.

How is Coach Lea Designed?

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology powered by eGain.
  • Money Coach offers GreenPath’s proven advice.
  • Created to be a one-stop virtual resource with custom financial coaching.

What Does Coach Lea Do?

  • Offers personalized discussion meeting individualized needs and goals.
  • Provides caring, clear and concise advice and options.
  • Celebrates the progress from session to session.

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Educational tools and videos to help you achieve financial wellness.

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