52-Week Savings Challenge

Grow a little each day and celebrate a lot at year's end.

A Bit of Effort Goes a Long Way 

Want an easy way to save $1,378 a year? Join the 52-Week Challenge! This popular challenge is an incremental savings plan that encourages you to save a little cash each week. It’s a simple and manageable way to save towards your financial goals.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Starting today, put $1 in your piggy bank (or Savings Account).
  2. One week from today, you’ll put $2 into your piggy bank.
  3. The next week, you’ll deposit $3 into your piggy bank.
  4. From today, for the next 52 weeks, you’ll deposit $1 more than you did the week before. When you’re done, you’ll not only have almost $1,400 saved up, but you’ll have successfully developed a great savings habit! See chart below.

Make it Fun

Create a support team and arrange a “buddy challenge.” Ask a friend or two to save alongside you so that you can support one another. Want more of an incentive? Plan to take a trip together with the money you’ve saved.

Tips and Tricks

  • Create a weekly automatic transfer for $26.50 to save at least $1,378 at the end of 52 weeks.
  • Keep the tracking chart in a place you look at every day as a reminder to save.
  • Switch things up by starting with $52 the first week and working your way backward.
  • If you have extra funds to contribute to your weekly deposits, do it!

Add a Savings Sub-Account

Visit a branch and speak to one of our representatives about adding a Savings Sub-account, specifically for your 52-Week Savings Challenge. This way you can easily track your savings and monitor your progress. Plus its free to open a sub-account.

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"I have been a member for 20 years or so and I have nothing but positive things to say about you guys. We have used summer skip for a car loan, house loan, Summer Savings program and I am very happy with Foothill Credit Union."

- Thomas R.

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A savings account that has your back. Build up your reserves and earn extra money to help with you finances down the road.

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